Sales Terms and Conditions for online purchase on Di Tano Perfumery website by Francesca Musa.
Di Tano Perfumery by Musa Francesca with legal and administrative branch in Ciaia Square, 18 - Fasano Brindisi - Tel. / Fax 080/4413304, VAT 00651850745 – REA number: BR 45692 (hereinafter "Perfumery Di Tano") makes available all users the ability to purchase products via the Internet, the products as an authorized dealer (hereinafter the "Products"), through the site www.ditano.com (hereinafter the "Site"), of which she is the only and exclusive owner.
These Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. No. 206/2005), Section II, Distance Contract(Arts. 50-67), as amended by Directive 2011/83 EU transposed by Legislative Decree of 3 December 2013, and by the rules of electronic commerce (Legislative Decree no. no. 70/2003) and applied to the sale of products via the Internet, as identified and listed on the website. The customer is invited to print and keep in the preferred manner these Terms and Conditions.
In case of changes of the General Conditions, the purchased order (hereinafter the "Purchase Order") shall apply the Terms and Conditions posted on the Site at the time of the shipping Order by the Customer. By placing an order, the customer declares to have read, understood and accepted these Conditions of Sale.
Products and related prices on this Site constitutes an offer to the public in accordance with the procedures set out in the General Conditions and the Website. The conditions of this offer applies only to purchases made on the Website.
The purchase contracts (hereinafter the "Contracts") entered into on the Site are concluded with Di Tano Perfumery by Francesca Musa.
Delivery costs are charged to the customer for orders in Italy for an amount less than € 25.00 and adequately highlighted in the Purchase Order (hereinafter the "Purchase Order" at a cost of € 9.00).
The shown price is applied to the products on the Website at the time of the Order, without regard to any previous offers or price changes that occurred later.
The cost of transport for the Euro area varies depending on the country of origin. (see the table)
The Customer must make, prior to the transmission of a purchase order, the registration in the manner specified by the site, making sure that the information provided is correct. Registration allows you to enter a password that includes strictly personal and confidential characters, therefore it will not be divulged to third parties. The customer is fully responsible for the use of the password and all orders placed with the use of the same password regardless of his knowledge. The customer who knew or suspected unauthorized use of the aforementioned password by any third party is required to immediately inform the Ditano Perfumery. Upon registration, the customer will be assigned a Customer Code together with the password that will allow for his recognition by the system and the access to the personal area on the site of Ditano Perfumery by Musa Francesca. Any future changes to the data provided, the customer agrees to the timely updating of the same data to be made by accessing his personal area on the Site.
The customer who sends a purchased order through the Site or via (fax to 0804413304, email info@ditano.com, telephone number : 0804413304) agrees to purchase the selected products in accordance with these Conditions of Sale. Purchased orders after the transmission of the system is deemed to be approved unless otherwise agreed between the parties. The customer then takes the responsibility to ensure the correctness of the created order before he confirms it. Upon confirmation of the Purchase made through this site, the customer will receive confirmation on the email provided at the time of registration. Ditano Perfumery offers its products on this site within the limits of their available stock. Ditano Perfumery reserves the right to refuse orders, particularly in the case of previous unpaid bills, proceeding consequently to the reaccrediting of the cost of products incurred by the customer and including VAT and transport costs. The data recorded by Ditano Perfumery constitute proof of the order and the entire transaction. The data recorded in the circuit of payments shall be evidence of the financial transaction. I dati registrati da Profumeria Di Tano costituiranno prova dell’ordine e dell’intera transazione. I dati registrati nel circuito dei pagamenti costituiranno prova della transazione finanziaria.
The applicable prices to the ordered products are the ones that are on the site at the date of the order. These prices are intended to include the VAT. Delivery costs and proof of receipt are not included.

To order amounts greater than € 25.00 Twenty-five / 00 Euro sending the shipping is free throughout Italy including the islands , while outside it is (see the table).
To order amounts less than € 25.00 Twenty-five / 00 Euro the cost of shipping is € 9.08 Euro VAT included.
To order amounts greater than € 50.00 Fifty / 00 Euro ---- the package will be shipped via EXPRESS SDA with delivery estimated in 24/72 hours (meaning work).
To order amounts less than € 50.00 Fifty / 00 Euro ---- the package will be sent for free by post marked mail with delivery estimated in 72/96 hours (meaning work).

Delivery costs are invoiced on the basis of the prices quoted on this website on the date you submitted the order. For the receipt option there will be a surcharge of € 5.00 Euro VAT included. The cost of transport for the Euro area varies depending on the country of origin. (see the table) Ditano Perfumery by Musa Francesca reserves the right to change its prices at any time and shipping costs and to cancel an order in the case of manifest error in the calculation system or in the data. Our shop is Pay Pal Verified User.
All orders placed will be delivered to the shipping address specified by the customer at time of transmission of the order within the time indicated in the cost of transport (Reference Point 06 Shipping cost) depending on the effectiveness for the dispatch of products. The date for delivery will be considered as preferential but not binding for Ditano Perfumery which in any case will do everything possible to ensure strict compliance. Deliveries can be made in Italy or Europe for perfume lines. With regard to treatment, make up and leather products shipments to countries outside the EU are guaranteed, subject to the agreement with the customer at his own expense are any costs to clear customs.
The warranty terms applied are those provided by the manufacturer.
It is the responsibility of the customer to verify the quantity and condition of the products upon delivery.
In case the customer finds that the merchandise is damaged or fails to comply with the quantities ordered, then he will have to report it to the carrier and file a claim with the delivery document as well as inform Ditano Perfumery within 3 days of receiving the shipment. Ditano Perfumery in this case will make (verified that the product/s, which is/are the subject/s of withdrawal, is/are intact and in normal condition, included in the original packaging, complete in all its/their parts (including packaging and additional documents) the possible replacement of missing or damaged products and in accordance with the effected Purchase Order.
The modes included on the site attest the payments.
The Customer may issue:
  • Bank transfer to Musa Francesca as beneficiary of an individual firm and in the manner described in the Site (www.ditano.com) ,highlighted at the moment of completion of the order. Ditano Perfumery will proceed at the related shipping company a certification of accreditation for knowledge of the funds in the account.
  • For foreign payments, you can make use of the payment system PAYPAL or bank transfer (Reference at point 1).
  • For Domestic and Foreign Payment , our On Line Shopping uses PAYPAL and credit system with credit cards run at Circuit Banca Sella. (Payment System classified as GEST PAY).
Our store is Verified Member Gest Pay by Banca Sella. For shipped cash on delivery products you will pay the same receipt price directly to the courier who Ditano Perfumery appoints to carry funds, the payment must be done in cash in the exact value specified in the order. Il all provides for an increase of funds (Reference a 06 Point Cost of Transportation). Our shop is Pay Pal Verified User. The invoices are sent with the merchandise or at the customer's request also electronically on your e-mail address provided.
If the customer is a "Consumer" as defined in Article 3 of the Consumer Code under the jurisdiction of the rights in art. 64 of the Consumer Code, and as amended by Decree 2013/83 EU in accordance with the limitations and therefore has the right to terminate the Purchase Agreement for any reason, without explanation and without penalty, in the manner set out below. The withdrawal will be subject to all (Total Withdrawal) or only part of the products purchased by the consumer (Partial Withdrawal). The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending - within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the products - a notice by A/R. post marked mail addressed to:

Square Ciaia, 18
Tel. 080 4413304
Fasano (BR)

Or by sending a mail at: info@ditano.com

The products must then be returned by the customer at the same address within 14 days from the date in which he announced his intention to invoke the withdrawal right. Ditano Perfumery will only accept returns of merchandise in good condition and in their original packaging, accompanied by the invoice. Ditano Perfumery will cover shipping costs for returning of the products which are not compliant , in the limitations of the request for withdrawal which remains then to be charged by the costumer for any subsequent and any future mailings related to the same Purchase Order. Ditano Perfumery will at its own expense exchange the product if it has flaws or there are any changes to the product. Ditano Perfumery, verified that the returned product is intact and in normal condition, included in the original packaging, complete with all its parts (including packaging and accessory documentation), will refund the price and the related shipping invoiced costs within maximum 14 days after receipt of notice from the Customer that you want to terminate the contract. The rebate will be made in the same way that the customer paid for his purchase. Except for COD purchases. In this case Perfumery Ditano refund by bank transfer.
Images of products, descriptions and methods of consumption posted on the site Ditano Perfumery are purely illustrative and non-binding.
Ditano Perfumery will make every effort to keep faith with its obligations. However, Ditano Perfumery can not be held liable for any delay or non-delivery caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Such circumstances include strikes, wars, natural disasters and any other event that makes the production, transportation or delivery of the products impracticable.
Customer data is processed by Ditano Perfumery by Francesca Musa in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on protection of personal data as specified in the information provided in the section "Information in accordance to art. 13 of Legislative Decree . 30/06/2003 "(and subsequent updates). Ditano Perfumery collects and uses your information solely in order to enhance and complete the services offered to you. For example, to promote and provide our products and services, to send and bill you for products and services required, to evaluate the efficiency of our business as to better define our development strategies, or to communicate with you for other unforeseeable reasons.
The customer can get information about the services of after-sales assistance by contacting Ditano Perfumery via the channels listed in the "Contact".
In the event that the complaint sent by the consumer to the company had a poor outcome for the consumer or whether it is left without response from the Company, the Company agrees to participate in the conciliation attempt , that may be promoted by the consumer according to the rules specified in the Rules of the Joint Settlement attached to this document. The Company undertakes to revise the pages of the Site to provide a specific section or page on the Internet where the consumer can initiate the conciliation procedure provided in the Rules of Conciliation. In particular, the internet section / page shall indicate: (i) that the conciliation procedure may be initiated only if the complaint lodged by the consumer to the company has not had a satisfactory outcome for the consumer or whether there was a lack of response within the limit by which the Company undertakes to respond to the complaints, or in default within thirty days; (ii) a hyperlink to the arrival on the page of Consortium Netcomm dedicated to the Joint Settlement (the address will be later notified of the Netcomm Consortium); (iii) the obligation for the consumer to forward a request to participate in the Joint Settlement exclusively at conciliazione@consorzionetcomm.it or to the fax number 02.87181126.

Within 15 days after the signing of this document, the Company agrees to notify the Consortium Netcomm the person to participate in the proceedings of the Joint Settlement, who will have the power to make and accept conciliatory proposals in the name and on the behalf of the Company.

If the conciliation procedure has ended with the successful written minutes for both the consumer and the Company, the Company is committed within ten (10) days after the signing of the minutes to match the Technical Secretary of the Conciliation the amount of € 45 00 (plus VAT) as a contribution towards the costs of the secretary. Netcomm undertakes the communication of any new and different amount upon each renewal of this contract.

The Company undertakes the modification of the general conditions of sale indicated on the Site in accordance with Art. 49, first paragraph, letter. v) of Legislative Decree no. September 6, 2005, no. 206 (Consumer Code) indicating the conditions that the consumer has to comply with in order to have access to the procedure provided in the Rules of the Joint Settlement.

The Parties acknowledge that the Request for the Joint Settlement must be sent by the consumer to the Technical Secretary of Netcomm after the expiration of the time limits estabilished for the complaints management or in the absence of that term, after 30 days from the opening of the complaint.

Regulation of joint settlement

Question form joint settlement
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